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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an ISA Certified Arborist to look after my trees?

Your trees are a living, biological being, and an ISA Certified Arborists are specifically trained to understand what to look at when they visit your property. Whether it be hazard awareness, insect identification or other environmental factors, a Certified Arborist can ensure all the factors are considered while helping you make decisions for your landscape assets.

What sets you apart from other tree companies?

We are a small company, with employees who are dedicated to providing a transparent service, focused on your wants and how to incorporate it into your landscape. Not every plant is suitable for every space, and we can help you understand the 'why's' as well as the 'what's' to our plan for your trees. 

Why is it important to use a multi-service company?

If your job requires multiple disciplines (pruning, tree injections, soil modifications) then using a company who can coordinate these factors under one roof can save some easy headaches. Our left hand will talk to the right and help ensure your service is smooth, saving you juggling multiple contractors and playing bingo with your calendar.

How does the 'Tree Care' process work?

Tree Care starts before you even contact us, just noticing that your tree needs some help is the first step. From that point we base our service on just a few basic principles;

1, Tree & Environment Assessment - What might the problem be?

2, Testing - Soil and tissue samples can accurately diagnose physical challenges where appropriate, saving future headaches by removing the guessing games based on common symptoms. 

3, Create a plan - We will give you all of the available options depending on what the issues are. This could be anything from soil modifications, a fungal treatment or pruning.

4, Deliver the associated services - Once a plan is agreed upon, the work is done at the appropriate time. 

5, Reassess - Once the trees have had a chance to respond to the services, we'll continue with the plan, or adjust it based on new evidence. 

All jobs are unique, and don't all need the same processes, but we are with you every step of the way answering any questions you have.

What happens during a consultation?

When an ISA Certified Arborist visits your property they will have some questions for you, and have observations to make. A visual assessment will be made of your tree and micro-climate, any history that you have pertaining to this is useful to help paint a clearer picture of your trees health. A second visit may be necessary if there are any limitations at this time (seasonal, insect emergence time, other issues) and will be at no charge to you, but the consultation is a time for fact finding.

What happens if my tree is diseased, or infested with insects?

When insects and disease (pests) attack it can be a stressful time for your tree, but they are often a secondary sign of stress. Testing may be required as many of these symptoms can mimic each other, and accuracy is imperative at this time. This is why we recommend lab testing. Treating insects as if they are a fungus, and vice-versa, can be a dangerous scenario. Your plants hold many beneficial organisms, and spraying indiscriminate products based on a hunch can destroy the ecosystem that is living in your trees, which can further stress them and leave it open to further attack, leaving you in a deeper hole than before. Using the Integrated Pest Management training, the plan to deal with your issues could be a multi-prong approach using a blend of biological, environmental and chemical treatments to recover your tree to its former glory. 

Do I need to contact utility services if there's any conflicts, above or below ground?

No! We will do all the admin for you. If it's above ground utility lines, or underground gas lines, we will contact the relevant suppliers and coordinate clearances. Any disruption to a service (electricity/cable tv/internet) will be communicated before hand so you can make the appropriate measures. 

When will my work be completed?

Once you have approved your work it joins the queue depending on the service. Some services are seasonal dependent and must be done over the growing season while some trees don't like to be pruned at certain times of the year, so we will accommodate your trees needs as well as yours. 

How do I pay for the work you completed?

We will email an invoice on completion, and we accept all payment types. E-transfer is our preferred payment method, and we also accept cheques, cash and credit cards.

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