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A tree is for life


The first step to a healthy tree is understanding its current condition, and how to improve it.


The right tree, in the right place, is a great asset. The wrong tree can be a frustrating burden in the future.


How do you protect your tree in the urban environment?


Winnipeg's latest invasive pest has arrived, Does your Ash tree need protecting?



What pests might be harming your tree? What can you do help and prevent attacks?



Make sure the right pruning is planned, prior to performing surgery on your tree.


Replenish the soil so your tree can stay healthy in our challenging climate.



This fatal disease continues to harm our urban forest. Should you be helping your tree stay healthy?


About us

Above & Below Tree Care is passionate about providing trees with optimum growing conditions, while living in an urban environment. Trees are often greatly overlooked as landscape assets and given the studies devoted to the benefits of trees; environmental, monetary and personal, we believe it's time that the masses have the opportunity to understand and reap some of those benefits!

With a focus on experienced observations, obtaining data from trees, their environment, and using modern and traditional techniques to assess and improve the urban forest, Above and Below Tree Care will treat your tree as their own while striving to see it reach its full potential.

Booking a consultation is your first step to a healthier tree. A Certified Arborist can  give you the best options for your tree and landscape, for the short and long term. Click here to book an appointment with us, and get on the right path to beautiful trees!


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