Tree Testing

Asking the right questions can go a long way...

Why do we test trees?

When something valuable is at risk; be it a tree itself, a home, a vehicle or even a person, you need to have the best information available to make the best decisions. Testing trees appropriately can reveal important facts, that need to be considered in being able to give the best care. An initial base line also needs to be set for reference to future progress.

What do we test for?

Tests can be performed to help determine tree stability, whether a tree is at risk of failure, nutrition deficiency, decay levels and location, insect infestation, disease presence and growth rates. 

How do we test trees?

Every tree is unique and doesn't necessarily need to go through every examination, but many tree issues can have mimic each other to the naked eye. Depending on circumstances, a series of tools can be used from data collection and analysis, to a trusty mallet for basic decay detection.

What is done with the results?

The results are used to put together a health care plan for your tree. These can be a short, or long, term plan depending on your trees situation.

Can I see the results of the testing?

Of course! We want you to see the results and be engaged in your tree care. If you know how your trees work, you'll be able to look after them better and enjoy their benefits.

A tree is for life