Tree Protection

Preventative action is better than corrective action...

What do trees need protection from?

A host of things attack trees, some on purpose and some by accident. These include deer and rabbits, grass cutting equipment, drought, insects and disease, construction and the most harmful pest of them all, HUMANS!

Why can't trees protect themselves?

As resilient as trees are, they haven't evolved fast enough to deal with 21st century living. Some trees can deal with problems better than others, but they all have their vulnerabilities depending on their individual circumstances and need a little help to stay healthy.

How do you know what a tree needs protecting from?

It's important to get to understand the local environment, and what the tree has been dealing with recently. Construction damage can reveal itself several years after the work is complete and not always considered, but urban mammal damage is quite obvious and is addressed quickly. Having a good knowledge of the trees history is beneficial to accurate planning and testing.

What types of protection can be done for trees?

Protection can come in many forms, from temporary fences being erected to preventative insect control measures. Contact us to determine what protection your tree needs, if any. 

A tree is for life

Sunset through a winter forest