Give a tree a good home...

When is the best time to plant a tree?

The best time to plant a tree depends on what species you would like to plant, but generally the spring and fall are the preferred time.

What are the most important things to consider when deciding to plant a tree?

The first 2 things to consider are its location and species. One can dictate the other sometimes when planting in smaller city plots. One of the most common frustrations with urban trees is the wrong tree, in the wrong place, and it's typically realized too late. 

What else is important when selecting a tree?

Other things to think about are what type of soil you have for the tree to grow in, what other trees are close by, how much sunlight will it receive and what permanent structures will be within its growing area?

What sets different tree species apart?

A lot of trees look the same to a lot of people, just another part of the landscape, but each have their unique characteristics at different times of the year to tell them apart. Flowers, seeds (inc fruit & nuts,) leaf colour & shape, branch form and bark colour & texture are all things that differ from tree-to-tree, giving you lots of variety in our difficult Manitoba climate.

Why should I plant a tree?

Trees do a lot for us as humans. Some of these things are obvious and others not so clear. The benefits can fall into 4 categories; environmental, social, health & economic, so it's difficult to imagine a case where you wouldn't want to plant a tree! Click here to view our species available this year

Why should I hire an arborist to plant my tree?

Trees are delicate organisms, especially during the transplanting process. Having a professional deliver your new tree to its final home can ensure the finer details will be addressed, with the due care and attention it deserves. Not to mention the detailed aftercare instruction that Above & Below Tree Care can offer that will keep your new tree happy for decades to come.

How often should I water my new tree?

You should be watering your new tree regularly once it is planted, the soil shouldn't be allowed to dry out completely. A couple of times a week, depending on the weather, is normally best practice.

I had a tree planted in the last few years and it doesn't look healthy, what can I do?

Trees can take a few years to establish in their new home, especially if they weren't planted using proper techniques. Booking a consultation will help to determine if your tree is dealing with planting stress, or if there something else contributing to its ill-health.

Species Selection

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