Mission Statement

Above and Below Tree Care looks after your trees; from root tips to branch tips, inside and out, by evaluating its health, assessing the living conditions and focusing on a long term strategy to allow the tree to thrive within its lifetime.


The most common focus of urban tree care is to improve the aesthetics through pruning deadwood, hazardous limbs or interfering/nuisance branches. The reason behind the presence of these issues is often overlooked. Manitoba has notoriously poor soil quality, and with the loss of thousands of trees a year to insects and disease, we can expect a drop in our air quality if the population growth continues and carbon emissions rise. Protecting mature trees and ensuring younger trees are kept healthy and growing is our priority, as well as planting new trees to replace our diminishing canopy.


ISA Certified Arborists have an obligation to adhere to a code of ethics, and can't diagnose over the phone or with photographs. A physical examination of trees is necessary to determine how to provide the best care possible. Unique tools, techniques and further testing may be required to give an accurate diagnosis of trees, as many urban problems can have similar destructive results. Asking the right questions and taking the right information from the tree will aid in understanding the individual tree in your local environment, and will enable an accurate plan to be formulated to give your tree the best living conditions possible.


Above and Below Tree Care will get to the root of your problems with your tree, through a scientific and organic approach to give you a healthier, longer-lived tree, that increases property values and contributes to a healthy urban environment for you and your family.

Oak flowers and young leaves