Insect & Disease Diagnosis

My tree doesn't look so great...

I think there's something wrong with my tree, can you help?​

Yes! But diagnosing tree problems from afar can be tricky, there's a lot of factors that can determine tree health. Location, species, unnatural obstacles, nutrition & hydration and other environmental or physical influences will all play a part in the health of your tree. Book a consultation to start bringing your tree back to its full glory.

What will a Certified Arborist do to help my tree?

A Certified Arborist will evaluate not just the tree, but it's entire environment to try and determine what the real issues are. Problems that arise with trees are often more than the eye can see; testing might need required, insects might need to be identified, landscape alterations can impact a tree and sometimes it's a case of piecing together a combination of factors to find the answer.

My tree just has insects or a fungus, can't I just have it sprayed?

Treating trees can certainly be a great component to urban tree care, but it's the presence of these issues that is the underlying issue. A malnourished tree will struggle to defend itself against these visible pests, so correcting a trees overall health will help reduce the severity of attacks, and allow the tree to survive without the use of chemicals and other harmful products. 

If the insects or fungus are just the visible problem, what other problems could my tree be dealing with?

When trees grow outside of their natural environment, they are often lacking in the basic necessities for survival. Urban soil, water and air quality can hamper a trees development, and cause these "hidden" problems. But because most people might not know what to do with their tree, they often do nothing, and the trees begin to decline prematurely.

Can I save my tree if it is showing signs of decline?

Most likely, but there is no magic wand treatment to make your tree perfect again. Tree decline is often a result of long periods of suffering, and should be addressed with the understanding that it can take several growing seasons to see genuine signs of improvement. If a tree is too unhealthy or damaged to help effectively, our Arborist will help you to decide on the best course of action.

What will I have to do to stop my tree decline?

The most important thing for you, as a tree owner, to do is to remember to water your tree whenever it needs it. Registering for Watering Alerts can also help you to get the hose out at appropriate times.

I think my tree has Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), what are my options?

Your options will depend on several factors, but a consultation is your first step. Please see the EAB page and filling out our Tree Owners Questionnaire will help answer some questions before we arrive.WWW

A tree is for life

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