Our planet needs us, now and in the future!

Above & Below Tree Care are passionate about planting our next generation of the urban forest. So many new homes are being built in Winnipeg, and these landscapes need the right tree for the right person.


We can help select the right tree for you, and your yard, so you enjoy the benefits of cleaner air, reduced energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and the best gift of all. Contributing to a healthier planet for the next 50 years or more!


Planting a tree with Above & Below Tree Care includes a personal site visit from an ISA Certified Arborist prior to planting and a specially selected tree from a local nursery to enhance your yard for decades to come. 

If you have any questions about this offer, or trees in general please contact us.

Trees species available in 2021 are as follows:


Amur Maple

Delta Hackberry

Discovery Elm

Mountain Ash

Ohio Buckeye (not suitable for dog owners)

Paper Birch

Silver Maple


Scots Pine

White Spruce

All trees are $300 + 5% GST

Payment options

1. Pay the full balance upon ordering.

2. Pay a $100 deposit now, and pay the balance upon completion.

To reserve your new tree please return the following form.


Thank you for your order, we will contact you soon to finalise it with you.



Species selection is subject to nursery availability.
Price is reflective of a 10 gallon container grown tree. 

If location is unsuitable for requested species, Above & Below Tree Care will suggest a more appropriate tree for your property.
Larger trees available, extra charges apply.

Deposit is non-refundable.

Contact Above & Below Tree Care for site specific details.